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Bedroom Decoration Ideas, Bedroom Decor Tips, Tips on Bedroom Interior Decoration

Bedroom Decoration Ideas, Bedroom Decor Tips, Tips on Bedroom Interior Decoration

Interior Designing Tips: Bedrooms & Dens

● When interior designing your bedrooms, make sure the rooms are cozy and restful in appearance. Avoid bright colors like orange. Bright colors won't induce you to sleep. Neutral, pastel and warm colors are best suited for bedrooms.

● If you are starting your interiors from scratch, you can start by choosing fabrics first and base the color of you wall from it, then you can select furniture that compliments the color of walls and the fabrics that you are going to use.

● Save on expensive wall decor, go through magazines, art books or even your child's art work at school and have the picture framed. Not only will you save, you will have a unique picture that is not found on commercial home decor stores.

● Consider an extra cabinet or storage space inside your bedroom or den, they are areas that usually invite clutter. It is important to always have your room neat and clutter free.

● Use warm flooring on bedroom floors like wood and carpet. Don't use ceramic tiles, marble or granite on bedroom floors. It is not pleasant to get out of bed in the morning and step on a cold floor. If a cold flooring material is already installed, put an area rug beside the bed.

● If you can, use the same fabric, design and color of the bedcovers as with the curtains. The room will have that "Interior Designed" look.

● If your room is small, use mirrors on the walls. It gives the room an illusion of space (If you are a Feng Shui believer, see the tips on mirrors).

● For bedrooms and specially dens, put an exhaust fan on the ceiling or wall farthest from the window. It will suck-in the cold air outside and keep the air inside the room fresh and cool. This can even save you electricity bills by not using your air conditioner during cool months.

● Some of us wants our bedrooms to be dark even late in the day specially when we sleep late. Thus some of us put up very dark curtains. Deep colored curtains against a light colored wall comes very strong. It is better to have your walls a shade darker and the curtain a little lighter to lessen the contrast. An alternative is to use two layered curtains instead one that is very dark.

● Aside from the typical center light on the middle of the ceiling, use lampshades, pin lights and up lights for mood lighting. These type of lighting gives dark and light patterns of light in the room.

● 1/3 of you life is spent on your bed. Invest in a good mattress, pillows and cotton or linen sheets -they absorb perspiration better.

● The bedroom is your private space, among all rooms in your home, your bedroom's look and atmosphere should be the most relaxing and reflective of your personal taste and style.

Lighting : Ideally, lighting in a bedroom should be gentle and relaxing and gentle on the eyes. Valence lighting is ideal for lighting up bedrooms, as the reflected light from the light source does not cast a harsh glow. Installing light bulbs in specific spots so as to let the light reflect off the wall is one way to achieve a gentle glow. Color too plays an important role here. A red light can make you feel hot and violent. Soft subdued lighting under the control of remote control can induce a romantic atmosphere here. Personal lighting with focused beams of shafts of light can allow one partner to indulge in some reading whilst the other may sleep undisturbed away from the pool of light.

The noise levels in the bedroom must be the least when compared to the rest of the house. Annoyingly loud decibel levels can keep you awake for hours. Ensure that the bedroom is well ventilated and sweet smelling. Have a few plants or dried flower arrangement if you are keen on them. Damp and stale-smelling bedrooms are not conducive to restful sleep.

Always look out for opportunities to turn your trash and junk into treasure. Old glassware can be used as candleholders, antique cups can be used as votives and blankets can be used as vintage pillows.

It is a proven fact that colourful surroundings inspire romance and sexuality. If your rooms are decorated with mind blowing colors, stepping into them may make you romantic and sexy. Therefore add all the colours of rainbow to your bedroom. When painting the room you should follow certain guidelines. Dark and deep colours will not help you to have a romantic mood. But it is always light shades will create a sexual mood. Painting is a method that has been long praised as a quick and efficient method of creating new look for your room. Although red is the most popular sexy and romantic color, painting the entire room in red is not recommended. If you have a fireplace in your room, paint the mantle the same red color. In any case, painting the walls golden will convey richness and value.

Room curtains play a major role in room decoration. Instead of the heavy material curtains, exchange them for thin lacy or satin type curtains. White and red combined helps further increase the sensual nature of the room. Instead of the orthodox style curtains you can use printed curtain which will arouse your sensuality and will convey the message of romance to you. You can have them in light colors with varieties of prints.

Candle light has a magical power to create a sexy atmosphere. Flowers of course are the irreplaceable symbols of sexuality.

Now it is the turn to turn to coat and bed. Bed is not a part of bedroom but is the heart of bedroom. Bed cover should be clean always and change it regularly. Changing the bedding represents change from the norm to the more sensual. When searching for the perfect bedding, think romance, sexiness, warmth and comfort. You can have bedding of your favourite colour and design. Dabbing some of your perfume on the linens is recommended to make your bedding even more intimate. Pillows of different shapes are available today. There are pillows and bedsheets with romantic pictures and messages. White colour beddings have mysterious effects to burn up your emotions and passions.

To make your bedroom sexy and sensuous you can place a number of accessories in your bedroom like flowers, candles etc...Fresh flowers also add to the romance and sensuality of your room. You can arrange them in a way that your eye catches them as you step into your room. Four-wick colossal candles are popular for the bedroom use. Colossal candles burn slower while giving off constant passive light.

Hang few paintings on walls and recognize the result it gives. Pictures are not just coloured papers. But they always convey an idea. Romantic pictures will always fill you with romantic ideas and add to your sexual thrusts. A softly played music in your bedroom may ignite all your passions. Adore every corner of your bedroom with accessories you think to make you sexy so that you are being engrossed by romance from every direction.

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