Thursday, January 20, 2011

HAs not seen Green

Blake Lively
spoke briefly with MTV in regards to the upcoming movie The Green Lantern a
nd she seemed just a little bit, properly she seemed just a little clueless about the whole thing.
Here is what she needed to say.

"It's such an unimaginable position, there should not be a lot credit score given to me because it was so stunning on the web page, a lot to do with it, that all you needed to do was just a little bit of research so, I do not know, I was lucky that I was able to win them over."

On the director:

"He is an incredible director, he's so patient, and generous along with his actors and coming from anyone who had no thought what she was doing I actually respect that."

And whether or not she's seen a lot of the film yet:

" No, I have never seen anything"

She does not seem to have an terrible lot to say in regards to the film that's for sure.
Perhaps she does not like it, or maybe she simply truly is clueless about the entire thing. You'd assume after spending a good period of time engaged on it that she's at the least have slightly more to say.

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