Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The [Catholic] Supreme Court?

David Gibson over at Politics Daily has a good article exploring the fact that, with the opening of the new term, fully 66% of the Justices are Catholic. (For those of you who went to public schools, that's 6 out of 9).

There are plenty out there who see this as a bad thing. This crowd is made up of the usual suspects - the nominal Catholics, the fallen-away Catholics, more than a few radical protestants, and unbelievers in general. And, as can be expected, their arguments center on the Big Two - abortion and homosexuality.

While the article is even-handed, Mr. Gibson does get one thing wrong. He states that the justices decided a case involving capital punishment, and then claims that the decision clashed with Church teaching on the issue (inferring that the Church doesn't allow for capital punishment).


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