Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bishops & Health Care "reform"

From Catholic News Service:
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Though Bishop William F. Murphy of Rockville Centre, N.Y., concedes there's no political will in Washington to include illegal immigrants in health care reform, he believes it's the country's moral obligation to ensure that everyone in the nation receives proper medical care.

That includes those who enter the country illegally, he told Catholic News Service in mid-September.

The "big three" in the health care "reform" models are Abortion, Contraception, and Illegals. We don't want abortion funding. Well, tough, it'll be in there. We don't want contraception funding. Well, tough, it will be in there. We don't want illegals included. Well, tough, it will be in there.

The blind spot that the illegal cheerleader lobby has overlooked (willfully, I think), is that you won't be able to pick or choose from among the big three. By pushing for illegals to have access, the Bishops are aiding and abetting the expansion of abortion and contraception; Obama and the Democrats will not have a health care bill that doesn't include illegals, abortion, and contraception. That's the "big 3".

What the Bishops fail to realize is that by advocating a government takeover of health care, they're holding the door open for the very beast that will chew up Catholic healthcare and spit it out.

Read all about it at Catholic News Service:

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