Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pope Benedict can't win...

Another day, another aggrieved group is upset with the Pope. Seems every day, someone is demanding an apology from the Pope for some transgression, be it ancient, recent, true, or untrue.

He simply can't win, because the deck is stacked against the Church. If the Church refuses to be bullied into an apology, well, that means it's rotten and awful. If She does apologize, well, the apology just isn't profound enough.

The Church needs to stop worring about what the "world" thinks of Her. The "world" hates Her and always will. No amount of politically correct kowtowing will change it.

It might be time to get some plywood and cover up those windows to the world that were opened up after Vatican II.

Read all about it at The Jerusalem Post:


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