Monday, January 12, 2009

Have I mentioned I hate the Guitar Mass?

Another big holiday, another Mass ruined by the guitar. My parish is tolerable. And when I say tolerable, I mean it in the sense that at least it's not as bad as many others out there. Once a month, the hippies take over in full force and the 10:30 Mass is a 1970's-era guitar fest. Truly awful. On those days, I try to go somewhere else. On occasion, I've walked out. Once I gathered up the kids and we walked out on Easter Sunday. Of all days, Easter Sunday! It's bad enough that they get to ruin a Mass on the 2nd Sunday of every month, but when they also get to ruin the BIG ONES, well, that's just plain wrong.

This past Christmas, I made the mistake of going to the 7:30 instead of the Midnight Mass. So me and the kids are sitting there before mass and we hear it - the strum of a guitar. Someone's warming up a guitar! My daughter looked at me and I just rolled my eyes. We joke about "offering it up". My 12-year old leans over to me and says "I hate the guitar mass". I said, "Yea, me too, but we'll suffer through it this time."

To top it off, instead of a homily, we were treated to a visiting priest reading a story from a kid's Christmas book! I swear it took every bit of 20-25 minutes to get through that book. Worst. Christmas. Mass. Ever. Thanks Vatican II!

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