Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Does Cardinal Kasper have against Conversion?

I missed this news from December, but it falls into line with Kasper's crying over the Good Friday prayer. Sure glad I didn't meet with someone like him when I returned to the Church back in '98.

From the Remnant:
The “breakaway group” of Anglicans now seeking union with Rome is composed of 60 Anglican parishes and 60 Anglican bishops who can no longer tolerate the lunacy abounding in the “Anglican Communion,” including the ordination of women and homosexuals. All told this group of disaffected Anglicans is said to comprise some 400,000 souls. Confronted with the prospect of a mass return to Rome, Kasper told the Catholic Herald “It’s not our policy to bring that many Anglicans to Rome.”

Read all of it here :

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