Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Priestly Deniers

For the past few months, and especially since Pope Benedict issued his Motu Proprio freeing up the Latin Mass, those who hate the Traditional Faith have been doing the linguistic cartwheels about how nobody will attend, nobody wants it, and how the Novus Ordo is so much better.

My most recent New Oxford Review (www.newoxfordreview.org) has an article in the New Oxford Notes titled "The New Mass Just Can't Be Fixed". In it, the NOR points to the Publisher of Our Sunday Visitor, one Greg Erlandson, who did the usual ragging job on the Latin Mass, and states that "many of the problems we face - lower Mass attendance, declining awareness of the teaching of the Real Presence, even the reluctance to invite others to share our faith - can be linked to a lack of appreciation for the [New] Mass itself" (emphasis mine)

The New Oxford Review states that all of these indicators that have been on the decline are "part and parcel of the New Mass, which in the end, just can't be fixed."

To which I'd say "Right on, brother."

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