Friday, June 1, 2007

So glad we have smart people.. that we can understand just how "stoopid" we, the unenlightened laity, really are.

Bishop Trautman again pontificates from on high about how we ignorant sheep can't possibly grasp what words mean unless they're under two syllables long and certainly no more than 5 or six letters long.

Here's what Trautman says regarding new translations from the Vatican:

"All liturgy is pastoral. If translated texts are to be the authentic prayer of the people, they must be owned by the people and expressed in the contemporary language of their culture. To what extent are the new prayers of the Missal truly pastoral? Do these new texts communicate in the living language of the worshiping assembly? How will John and Mary Catholic relate to the new words of the Creed: "consubstantial to the Father" and "incarnate of the Virgin Mary"? Will they understand these words from the various new Collects: "sullied," "unfeigned," "ineffable," "gibbet," "wrought," "thwart"?"

Gerald, who's serving it up hot and fresh over at the Cafeteria, has more:

Gee - just think how easy Math class would be if he was your teacher!

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