Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hockey is the perfect Catholic sport

Taking a break to celebrate the beauty of the NHL Playoffs, I present to you the following:
Why Hockey is the perfect Catholic Sport:
- The penalty box is called the "Sin Bin"
- If you do something really bad, it's a given that some serious
temporal punishment is coming your way.
- The gravity of your offense determines your time in the penalty box.
- They have a penalty called cross-checking.
- A Zamboni is like a "confession-mobile"; it cleans theice of all
imperfections between periods.
- Blood is shed regularly.
And the #1 reason that Hockey is the perfect Catholic sport is:
- When you win it all, you get the "CUP".

Log onto www.NHL.com and revel in the knuckle-bustin' fun!

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